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Research Competition Invites Students To Solve Real-World Energy Problems

Recently, it seems like everyone is competing to become the next big thing in the energy sector. Whether it’s electric vehicles, smart grid technology, or energy storage, innovation continues to pop up left and right as we work to build a smarter, cleaner electric grid. If innovation and technology spark your competitive drive, here’s your opportunity… Read more

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If we keep subsidizing wind, will the cost of wind energy go down?

By Eric Williams, Associate Professor of Sustainability, Rochester Institute of Technology and Eric Hittinger, Assistant Professor of Public Policy, Rochester Institute of Technology. As more wind turbines have been put in place, the cost of wind energy has gone down. Dad of T&S, CC BY-NC-SA There are high hopes for renewable energy to help society by… Read more

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Building for a better tomorrow

A scale model of an energy-saving building is shown at an innovation exhibition in Beijing. [Photo by Da Wei/For China Daily] Song Yingqian is on a roll. She was desperate to live in an apartment in a new energy-saving building along with thousands of other property hopefuls. The development was so popular that the “new tenants”… Read more

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Cities Across America Commit to 100% Renewable Energy

There seems to be a clear trend brewing in the United States about a transition to clean energy, and it is starting in the towns we live in. The ongoing quest to reach 100% renewable energy is slowly accumulating support. This past week, the first cities in Wisconsin and Louisiana have committed to transitioning to 100%… Read more

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Australian and German companies in landmark solar deal

Sydney (dpa) – An Australian and a German renewable energy developer have been able to secure funding for Australia’s largest single solar project deal it was announced on Monday. Australian company Edify Energy and German investor Wirsol have secured 230 million Australian dollars (174 million US dollars) for three new large-scale solar farms: the Whitsunday and… Read more

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